How to drop off luggage

Drop-off hours 7:00am - 9:00am

Ask for the Hands-Free Travel service at the hotel reception desk and give the name of your next hotel.
Get a delivery slip and write your name and the destination hotel on it.

You cannot use the service if you do not give emergency contact information in Japan.

Pay the fee and hand over your luggage. Receive the copy of your delivery slip.

The fee is 3,000 yen per item. Service staff will attach the delivery slip and a tag to your luggage and seal it with a security seal. You will need the copy of your delivery slip to pick up your luggage. Make sure to keep it secure.

How to pick up luggage

Delivery hours 17:15pm -

Show the copy of your delivery slip at the hotel reception counter and receive your luggage

After receiving your luggage check the number on the luggage against the number on the copy of your delivery slip to make sure they are the same. You are welcome to keep the tag as a souvenir! Fill out the questionnaire to get another memento!

Paid delivery service

The fee is 3,000 yen per item. Pay at the hotel reception counter upon drop-off. Check with the hotel regarding payment method (cash or credit card).

What you cannot send

Cash, money vouchers, credit cards and other valuables; animals and plants; bicycles; bottles, glassware, and other breakables; liquids; combustible or toxic substances.

Important notice

◆You can send your luggage to any of the listed hotels. No deliveries to unlisted hotels.
◆You cannot use the service without emergency contact information (telephone number or email address in Japan)
◆Your luggage will be checked for signs of prior damage and sealed with a security seal to ensure it is not opened during transport process.
◆Delivery may be delayed due to traffic (e.g., due to accidents) or bad weather.
◆If the delivery is failed due to traffic or other reasons, you will be notified. Your luggage will be returned to the drop-off hotel and then re-delivered to a location designated by you.
◆Destination cannot be changed after luggage has been dropped off. Pick-up can only be made at the hotel designated by you when you dropped off your luggage.
◆We assume no responsibility for delivery of valuables or breakable items, etc. (items specified as “What you cannot send”).